About A Brit and a Broad

What’s A Brit and a Broad all about then?

A Brit and a Broad is a travel video blog bringing people and places to you. We want you to be inspired to do something different on your travels; for that we’ve got to be inspirational. Not only are we going to tell you how do this, but we are going to show you how with some beautifully cut videos.

Innovative and unique, A Brit and a Broad is unlike any other blog out there at the moment. It is essentially three travel blogs in one with a strong emphasis on video content. With two presenters, A Brit and a Broad, we are going to show you some truly remarkable sights around the world; all you have to do is follow our adventures.

Who’s behind A Brit and a Broad?

Macca Sherifi, the Brit, is an author, blogger and photographer from London, the United Kingdom. Blogging from the Brit (because he’s British), Macca writes about the alternative side of travelling. There’s literally nothing he wouldn’t do for a story (you can test him on this if you’d like), and he writes in an easy-to-read style that he would describe as ‘cutesy’.

Brianna Wiens, the Broad, is an actor, director and photographer from Vancouver, Canada. Blogging from the Broad (because she’s a broad – get it?), Brianna writes about everything all girls need to know about while on the road. She’s also incredibly emotive, looking to tell a story not only through her eyes, but through the eyes of those around her.

Finally, completing A Brit and a Broad is Brian Ceci. An award-winning cinematographer and videographer from Vancouver, Canada, Brian is the man behind the camera cutting everything together. Brian is an aesthetically skilled director of photography who shoots in an incredibly unique style. Be warned: Brian’s videos will make you want to pack your bags, hit the road and do something different immediately.


Series One

For series one, the A Brit and a Broad team travelled all the way through Central America, from Mexico all the way down to Panama, shooting an episode in each country.

However, before that could happen, the team had to meet up, put their heads together and shoot their first ever episode. For that, they decided upon Vancouver (partly because Brian and Brianna live there).

After shooting the first episode (which you can see here), the team flew from Vancouver down to Mexico City. From there, they made their way south east to the coast and to Belize, back inland to the jungles of Guatemala, through Honduras and El Salvador, then down into Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Despite all the countries being in very close proximity to each other in Central America, they are all incredibly different and diverse, and that’s something that the team really wanted to highlight in their videos; that even travelling a few hours into new country can bring drastic changes.

In series one, the team really wanted to showcase some of the things that could be seen and done in a part of the world still relatively untravelled.

Series Two

Currently, the team are planning a second series together, though they’re unsure where this will be exactly.

One thing they do know is they’ll need your help deciding. The question is, what part of the world would you like to see A Brit and a Broad exploring next? The choice really is yours!

The history of A Brit and a Broad

It all started on the border of Laos in 2010. That’s where Brian and Macca first met each other.

“I remember making some wise-ass joke as to why Canadian’s had to pay the most out of all the nationalities for a Laotian visa. Considering Canadian’s are among the friendliest people you can meet on the road, and considering the Americans bombed the shit out of Laos, I thought this was more than a little harsh,” recalls Macca.

Living up to their reputation, it wasn’t long before Brian and Macca were having a few beers together, initially in heart of Laos, and then again in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Macca and I had this really random night out in Bangkok, the type of night you can only have in a city like Bangkok. Anyway, it started out with a Chang (a Thai beer) in hand and it ended with us eating deep-fried cockroaches. There aren’t many people around the world you can say you’ve done that with, and we became friends through our shared experiences together,” says Brian.

Brian Ceci meeting Macca Sherifi

Despite not spending more than a few hours together, Brian and Macca kept in touch.

As the years passed, both Brian and Macca became successful in their respective fields of cinematography and travel writing.

Building upon both skills, they wanted to create something that had never been done before by collating a traditional travel blog with video content.

“It was one of those weird situations where both Brian and I had exactly the same idea independently. Initially, I had trepidation telling Brian, a guy who I hardly knew, that I wanted to start a new project with him. However, when he told me he wanted to do a similar project, that he even considered talking to me about it, I knew this was something we had to do together.”

As the idea grew over time, Macca approached Brian about having a co-presenter for the project.

“Macca asked if I knew anyone who would be good on camera. After thinking about it for a while, I asked Brianna. Over the last few years I’ve done a lot of work with Brianna – and there aren’t many more talented actresses or directors around – but this wasn’t the only reason.

“After working with her for a while, I realised Brianna and I had a lot of similar views and philosophies on life. Doing a project of this magnitude, I felt this was more just as important as anything else, but I knew she would be perfect.”

All of a sudden they had a team, but it was a few months before they settled on a name.

Brianna said: “We were thinking about a name for months. We quite liked a few but nothing felt right. We really wanted our name to represent us individually, but also the project as a whole. Then I came up with ‘A Brit and a Broad’ and it seemed perfect, it felt right. If Macca and I were going to be the presenters, we wanted the project name to reflect that. I’m a part of a comedy duo (Girl on Girl Humor), so I particularly liked the play on the name too.”

And that’s how A Brit and a Broad was born – travelling, on the road, out of nothing.