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Macca Sherifi, the Brit

Macca SherifiMacca Sherifi is an author, blogger and photographer currently living in London, the United Kingdom.

Throughout all of 2009 and 2010, Macca backpacked through the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Along the way he volunteered in Bangladesh and worked both in China and Australia, before making his way back to the UK.

Upon his return, Macca took a diploma in journalism. He worked as a junior reporter for a local newspaper before going on to become the travel editor of, the social network and travel advice website.

Wanting to expand his skill base and contacts, Macca decided to move into travel PR, and he now represents some global tourist boards looking after their PR and social media strategy.

Using the experiences of his round the world trip and calling upon his knowledge from, Macca has written the successful ebook Your Round the World Trip Planner: How to plan the trip of a lifetime. Aimed at first time travellers, it is everything people need to know before they go on their own trip of a lifetime.

Also, Macca has been quoted in all major national papers in the UK on backpacking and travelling, and he has spoken at a number of events in London, around the country and on national radio.

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Brianna Wiens, the Broad

Brianna WiensBrianna Wiens is an actor, director, photographer and writer currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

For the past decade or so she has focused mainly on theatre and film. She came to Vancouver to attend Capliano University’s Acting for Stage and Screen Program. Upon graduating, she started at Point B Theatre – a small theatre company where she took on the roles of producer and director.

Brianna went back to school in 2013 to study psychology, anthropology and creative writing, and by the beginning of 2014 she finished her Bachelor of Performing Arts.

She is also half of Girl on Girl Humor, a YouTube comedy channel.

Her creative spirit has driven her to explore many avenues of the arts and beyond. This accompanied by the hunger to learn means she is always striving to see the world in a different way. Nothing makes her happier than diving into a new project, especially when it’s something she never thought she would do.

In 2012, she took off on what had been a lifelong travel dream, spending 10 weeks in India. Since then, she knew more travel was in her future. The dream was and still is to find a way to travel, be creative and work with children. The opportunity to create a drama program in a small town in Bolivia came to her just as she was finishing off  her studies, and she jumped at the chance.

Brianna will be working in a Spanish speaking school for the three months prior to filming A Brit and A Broad.

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Brian Ceci, the director of photography

Brian CeciBrian Ceci is an aesthetically skilled director of photography currently living in Vancouver, Canada. His work is aesthetically pleasing, bold, clean, and always carries emotion to the viewer.

He excels in capturing images which create emotional output, notably abroad in South Sudan, Cameroon and Cambodia, where he has worked for a number of not-for-profit organizations.

Recently, Brian has been working with the Obakki Foundation documenting water relief projects in South Sudan and education projects in Cameroon.

After graduating from Capilano University’s Motion Picture Program in 2009, Brian has been involved in dozens of projects for small businesses, on-set production, live events, short films, weddings, and his most influential work, travel.

Brian’s style is ever-changing and adapting to each project, and completes each project with pride and a modern flair.

Brian is an avid traveler who has traveled to over 25 countries on five continents, and he is often away on foreign lands with nothing more than a camera in his hands.

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