Series One

A Journey Through Central America

For series one, the A Brit and A Broad team travelled all the way through Central America, from Mexico all the way down to Panama, shooting an episode in each country.

However, before that could happen, the team had to meet up, put their heads together and shoot their first ever episode. For that, they decided upon Vancouver (partly because Brian and Brianna live there).

After shooting the first episode, the team flew from Vancouver down to Mexico City. From there, they made their way south east to the coast and to Belize, back inland to the jungles of Guatemala, through Honduras and El Salvador, then down into Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Despite all the countries being in very close proximity to each other in Central America, they are all incredibly different and diverse, and that’s something that the team really wanted to highlight in their videos; that even travelling a few hours into new country can bring drastic changes.

In series one, the team really wanted to showcase some of the things that could be seen and done in a part of the world still relatively untravelled.

Episode 1 – Vancouver, Canada

Macca Sherifi meets Brianna Wiens in Vancouver for the first time as A Brit and A Broad kick off the start of their adventure travelling through Central America.

In this pilot episode, the duo go to the Vancouver Art Gallery for the Douglas Coupland exhibition, walk across Capilano Suspension Bridge, cycle through Stanley Park, and even jump off a bridge at Whistler Bungee, as well as a few other weird and wonderful things to do in the city.

Episode 2 – Mexico City, Mexico

In this episode Macca and Brianna wander the streets of Mexico City, taking in all that it has to offer.

From seeing the sites of Zocalo, the central plaza, to drinking beer at Lucha Libre, and from exploring the ancient Mayan pyramids of Teotihucan to floating on the waters of Xochilmoco, the pair from A Brit and A Broad really get to see the magic of Mexico City.

Episode 3 – Oaxaca, Mexico

In this episode Macca and Brianna get a little taste of Oaxaca, a city that’s famous for its food.

One of the main tourist attractions in Oaxaca is the Benito Juarez Market, and it is a Mexican Smörgåsbord of tacos, tostadas and quesadillas.

And deep in the depths of the market a few of the local delicacies such as deep fried crickets, cows hearts and live maggots can be found, and for the adventurous traveller, sampled.

Episode 4 – Belize

In this episode Macca and Brianna head to Caye Caulker in Belize for a little island time.

The pair go on a Raggamuffin Tour, sailing and snorkelling along the Caribbean coast, eating and drinking the local fare and soak in the laid back island vibes.

Episode 5 – Guatemala

Guatemala is a bit of a favourite amongst backpackers with nothing but good times to be had, as Macca and Brianna found out for themselves.

In this episode our delightful duo dance their way through the small streets of Antigua, climb to the top of a mighty volcano, splash around at Semuc Champey, and walk among the ancient ruins at Tikal.

All of this made Guatemala the team’s favourite country they’ve travelled to so far.

Episode 6 – Honduras

Honduras seems to come with a lot of travel warnings, but that didn’t stop Macca and Brianna from travelling there and seeing it for themselves.

What they discovered was that you can enjoy Honduras for what it is – a beautiful lush country full of people who want to share the little that they have and their stories too.

In this episode Macca and Brianna hike through the rainforest of El Mochito to the Three Waterfalls, splash around in the water of Lake Yojoa, and jump off the world’s highest bridge (possibly).

Episode 7 – El Salvador

After enduring long, taxing chicken buses through Central America, Macca and Brianna found themselves on the beach of El Cuco in El Salvador.

Looking for some down time, our duo certainly found it, and El Salvador was the perfect place to press pause, kick back and relax for a few days.

In this episode Macca and Brianna hit the waves and go surfing, slow it down a little stand up paddle boarding and with some yoga, and take the opportunity to do nothing much more than recharge the batteries, taking in the beauty of being on the beach.

El Salvador has a long standing reputation for being a violent, crime ridden country due to civil war throughout the 1980s / early 90s but it’s clear that it is changed significantly in recent years. The result is a country that is simply untouched, and breathtaking.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that travelling doesn’t always mean travelling, it means appreciating where you are. This is our El Salvador.

Episode 8 – Nicaragua

After feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from the beautiful beaches of El Salvador, Macca and Brianna got back to doing what they do best – backpacking around and experiencing all a country has to offer, this time in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua came with the tag as being a bit of a favourite amongst other travellers, so Macca and Brianna we’re extremely excited to see what it had to offer and whether it lived up to its reputation for themselves.

What they discovered was a country of unparalleled beauty, kind and generous people, and enough adventure activities to keep any adrenaline junkie happy.

In this episode Macca and Brianna try out volcano boarding for the first time, hike to the top of El Hoyo before swimming in a crater lake, spend a night on the tiles in San Juan del Sur, even manage to pick up a new travelling companion, before finishing off zooming around the island Omtepe.

In the end, Nicaragua truly lived up to its reputation, and it quickly became one of our favourite countries in the whole world. Next up, we went to go and see what Costa Rica had to offer.

Episode 9 – Costa Rica

After hiking their way up El Hoyo and exploring all of Nicaragua, Macca and Brianna got to experience “la pura vida” in Costa Rica.

If life goals could be summed up into one phrase, it would probably be “pura vida”. This way of life, which literally means pure life, is something that everyone could get used to as Brianna and Macca found out for themselves.

With plenty to see and do all over the country, it is easy to understand why Costa Rica has become the second most visited destination in all of Central America, and with deep dense rainforests and simply stunning beaches on both sides, there is something for everyone.

In this episode Macca and Brianna visit Monteverde and go ziplining with 100% Adventura before heading down to the beautiful beach town of Puerto Viejo to eat their way through the chocolate forest at Caribbeans and play with the animals at the Jaguar Rescue Center.

After seeing the stark contrast of Costa Rica, we contiuned the theme by comparing island life to city life in Panama, our final destination on our Central American trip.

Episode 10 – Panama

After experiencing the pura vida, the pure life, in Costa Rica, Macca and Brianna headed down to Panama, the final country on their epic Central American adventure.

Panama brought about mixed mentions for Macca and Brianna, because even though it represented a huge milestone, the eighth and final country in Central America, it also meant the end of their travels and the place they had to say goodbye to each other.

However, in Panama they really got to see a Central American country very different to all others they visited as they compared island life to city life.

In this episode Macca and Brianna stop off in beautiful Bocas del Toro, the small cluster of islands just off the Caribbean coast and an easy place to do a whole lot of nothing, before heading down to the capital of Panama City, a city unlike any other in Central America and the perfect place to end their trip.