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Photos and photography are a big part of what we do at A Brit and a Broad. Brian, our director of photography, has been a professional photographer for the past six years, and both Brianna and Macca have worked on professional shoots too. What this means is we’re really able to showcase a destination, to make you feel like you’re there.


Photography is all about capture a moment in time, a moment that will never be there again. With that in mind, some of our favourite shoots from around the world are 16 photos that’ll make you want to visit Copenhagen, a look at the best street art in Valparaiso, and of course Brian’s photos too.


Not only do we want to inspire you to travel to new and exciting places, we want you to be inspired to take photos too. We love giving photography tips as much as we can. That’s why we’ve written a few articles on finding artistic style, where the light leads us and why you should frame everything.

Brian's Photos

Brian’s Photos


Photography is such an unnatural medium to humans. No one looks at a single moment and freezes it in time; we all view things in real time as they move about.