The Broad

Brianna Wiens, the Broad at A Brit and a Broad


Brianna Wiens is an actress, blogger, photographer and producer who has lived Bolivia and travelled to over 20 countries across five continents.


Incredibly creative and free spirited, Brianna loves nothing more than immersing herself in new cultures and societies and really getting a feel for a new city and country. A few of her highlights are chasing the American dream along the Oregon coast, walking the streets of Yangon and ziplining in Monteverde.


When it comes to writing, Brianna really gets into the essences of travelling and what it means to be on the road. A couple of her favourite articles are chasing sunsets in historic Bagan and what has FOMO done for you lately?

Travel and Trump


It’s been a strange few months, for more reasons than one, but I’ve finally been able to make sense of the state of the world – for me, it has to do with travel & Trump.