Travel videos from A Brit and a Broad

Videos and videography is ingrained in everything we do at A Brit and a Broad, and we are proud of the fact the we are one of only a few bloggers with their own travel show and travel series.

With a hugely successful YouTube channel and an actively engaged audience, we bring people and places to you back at home in beautifully cut videos, and we really feel like what we’re producing is unlike anything else that’s out there at the moment.

We’re always on the road around the world but it all started with our journey though Central America where we travelled from Mexico all the way down to Panama. Since then we’ve shot a four part mini-series in Sicily for Tastemade, one of the world’s largest video content agencies, and most recently in Portland and Greenland.

We also like to give you top travel tips like how to save money for traveling, how to do long exposure photography, and we always try and make you laugh along the way too.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

The Harry Potter Studio Tour


There’s something you should know about us – we’re big kids & huge Harry Potter fans, so it felt like Christmas had come early when we went on the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

Season One Bloopers

Season One Bloopers


Who wants a good giggle!? Well then have we got the video for you! Let us present to you our Season One Bloopers, all the times we messed up on camera. Enjoy!